Esther Reyes, owner of Go Dental Hygiene Practice

Esther graduated from Carrington College School of Dental Hygiene in 2014 and obtained her license to practice Dental Hygiene. She attended the University of the Pacific shortly after to receive the certification required for obtaining a Registered Dental Hygiene license in Alternative Practice. As a dental professional with more than fifteen years of experience and numerous conventions and lectures under her belt, she has the knowledge and experience required to meet the needs of her patients.

Throughout her career, Esther has adhered to the ethical principles and core values established by the American Dental Hygiene Association.


Go Dental Hygiene Practice is committed to providing the highest quality oral health care and education available through preventative and therapeutic dental hygiene services. In addition, it is committed to developing partnerships with allied health professionals, allowing people who do not have access to dental care to have a better quality of life.

Certificates of Completion

Dental Hygienists Oath
My personal and professional commitment as a Dental Hygienist is to promote and advance high quality dental hygiene, improve oral health, and advance the art and science of dental hygiene.

In the interest of the dental hygiene profession and the public it serves, I pledge to continually improve my professional knowledge and skills, to provide the highest level of service to every patient entrusted to my care, and to uphold the highest standards of professional competence and personal conduct.